If you’re in physical discomfort or pain then osteopathy is a good place to start.
Of all the manual therapies osteopathic training is arguably the most in-depth and thorough. Osteopathic training typically lasts for 5 years with the student receiving either a BSc or, more recently, an MSc in osteopathy. The training covers anatomy, physiology, histology, pathophysiology and pharmacology. Throughout the training the student studies osteopathic evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Osteopaths evaluate and treat using their detailed knowledge of the body’s structure and function. Osteopathic treatment encourages and supports the body to heal itself.

Safe, effective and understandable consultations.
At Osteopathy East, initial consultations last for 60 minutes. This allows ample time to take a case history (covering past and present health issues and the patient’s current problem), physical examination of the symptomatic and related areas, and treatment. Throughout the consultation open communication is encouraged and questions welcomed and answered. All consultations at Osteopathy East are held in complete confidentiality and patient safety and comfort are paramount.

Osteopathy can give at least some relief from most types of physical aches & pain.
Whilst back pain is the most common problem seen, osteopathy can help with a wide variety of other problems including, repetitive strain injury, postural problems caused by driving or work strain, whiplash, sciatica, headaches, the pain of arthritis and sports injuries among many others. Osteopathic treatment consists of a range of styles including massage, stretching, articulation and manipulation of joints and gentle relaxing and unwinding techniques. The appropriate technique is used for the patient and their specific problem. If you have any questions about whether osteopathic treatment is suitable for you, its always best to call the clinic to ask.

How can I be sure I am in safe hands?
To legally practice as an osteopath in the UK all osteopaths must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council and abide by a professional code of conduct.

How many treatments will I need?
Osteopathy is patient centred, which means treatment is geared to you as an individual. We should be able to give you an indication after your first visit. For some acute pain one or two treatments may be all that is necessary. Chronic conditions may need ongoing maintenance.