January 2022 Clinic Update
Happy New Year!
Christmas presented a new challenge for Osteopathy East with a major flood on Christmas Eve. The main water supply to the whole of the building above the clinic burst, resulting in the clinic being badly flooded. The water damage to the clinic is extensive and repairs are estimated to take 2 months to complete.
However, Rick will continue to see patients in the clinic during this period, even though aesthetically its not ideal, treatment quality and outcome will not be affected.
During this period as a goodwill gesture and acknowledgment of the disruption to patients,  Rick will be reducing his treatment fees by £10.00:
£65 for new patients
£55 for return patients
Once Spring arrives the clinic will have had a complete makeover and be better than ever !
Thank you for your understanding.


Osteopathy East is a clinic providing health care and pain management through osteopathy and other therapies in Hackney, East London.

The clinic is one of Hackney’s oldest and most established, founded in 2004 on nearby Broadway Market by physical therapist and osteopath Rick Harter. Since then he has treated over 5000 people with a broad range of problems including:

• Musculoskeletal pain and immobility – typically in the neck and back, but also in peripheral joints and muscles

• Headaches

• Postural issues

• Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

• Sports Injuries

• Disc and nerve damage

The clinic has developed to include other therapists and therapies. We offer general, paediatric and cranial osteopathy as well as movement rehabilitation, massage and physiotherapy.

All practitioners working at Osteopathy East are self employed, are responsible for their own patients and set their own consultation fees. If you are interested in renting a treatment room at Osteopathy East please contact Rick on 07944095286 or email rickosteo@gmail.com.

We are easily accessible from central London via bus , tube or overground.