Movement Rehabilitation

After injury to the body, through trauma or surgery, along with pain, the loss of physical movement can be a major issue. Our automatic every day movements become compromised and often avoided to the detriment of our recovery. There is now substantial scientific evidence to support the need for early active rehabilitation.

Traditional approaches to rehabilitation tend to be fairly reductive and compartmentalised, focussing on individual muscles and muscles groups e.g. core stabilisation for back pain, an emphasis on structure and the structural damage post injury.

Rick approaches rehabilitation in a more functional way. The emphasis is on returning the patient to normal whole body function with a focus on daily activities rather than unusual and often unnecessary newly learned exercises.

Rick works closely with the patient helping to identify their goals and work towards achieving them in a clear, practical and even quite enjoyable way.

Rick integrates this movement rehabilitation into his osteopathy consultations. The phase of recovery that the patient is in will determine the amount of passive (osteopathy) or active (movement rehabilitation) involvement during each consultation.

This type of rehabilition is suitable for most types of traumatic injury, also post operative patients, stroke patients and those with nerve damage.

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